Our Story

Eman I. Saadeldin

Founder, COO, CMO

  • CELTA & TYLEC certified
  • TOT trained
  • + 10 years of experience teaching ESL to adults & young learners
  • Social media influencer & Youtuber
  • Entrepreneur
  • FOUNDER of Eman Academy

Eman Academy’s Story

After teaching ESL for more than a decade and after the outstanding success of English with Eman Online Courses, I decided that many more students can benefit from these courses, especially since the demand was above my singular ability.

I decided to look for the most outstanding teachers who share my passion for teaching, learning, coaching and guiding. We are also dedicated to building this platform. I’m so glad that my search led me to find teachers who are of the highest qualification and dedication!

After a long and hard journey of building this platform from the bottom up! Eman Academy is now a pioneer in online education for adults.

Eman Academy’s courses are second to none!

Our unique structure and its relaxed yet professional atmosphere make it a destination that attracts more students every single day.

Online Learning Effectiveness

During this journey, I discovered that online learning is not only convenient because you learn from the comfort of home, but that it is also very effective. Research has shown that online modes of study are equivalent to on-campus/ face to face environments of study. This is a great fining in my humble opinion.

Needless to say, at Eman Academy, ensuring a positive and rewarding learning experience for our students is our top priority.


Eman Academy is dedicated to the highest quality of online courses delivered with honesty, originality, and authenticity by offering a unique educational experience


Eman Academy believes in teachers and the importance of their role in society.

Educators and students alike are valued in Eman Academy and we are dedicated to supporting and encouraging both to thrive.

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